Hi, I’m Eva !

A Software Engineer & Data Science Enthusiast

College graduate with a strong computer science background and experience in exploratory data analysis, machine learning, and statistics. As a Passionate about learning new topics in data science, visualizing data, and doing research. I am like sharing valuable insights and making an impact that helps others learn through. code, visualizations, and narratives. Frequent competitor at Kaggle competitions. I’m always open for discussions, so feel free to ask any questions or concerns, I will.


M.S in Computational Science

2019 - 2021
University of California, San Diego

Grad Certificate in Statistics

2014 - 2015
Stanford Univeristy

M.S in Finance

2012 - 2016
University of International Business and Economics

B.A in Advertising

2007 - 2011
Peking University


Software Engineering

React.js, Node.js, Express
GraphQL, MongoDB

Quantitative Research

Derivatives, Volatilities
High-frequency Trading, Market Microstructure

Computer Visions

Visions, Graphics

Statistical Learning

Quantitative Methods,
Time Series Analysis

My Projects

Market-Making Trading Strategies

In the high-frequency trading, the market maker faces an inventory risk due to the diffusive nature of the stocks mid-price and a transactions risk due to a Poisson arrival of market buy and sell order.

Recommendation System for Products Fit

As our real experiences of customers and e-commerce companies, personalized size and fit recommendations is a crucial issue for any e-commerce platform.

Blog Post

Study Note: React.js

  • 20 Mar, 2020
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Heading example Here is example of hedings. You can use this heading by following markdownify rules.

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If you have any problem or any good opportunities for me, please contact me. I’m open to work and love to contribute. Thank you!

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